The Farm Sale

The FarmFreeman house During the summer of 2000, my parents sold the farm and moved into town.

Beckerville This meant that it was time to make farm sale in Beckerville.

Household Household So we packed up everything in the house.

Washing the tractor Machinery And we washed down the tractor and lined up the machinery.

last meal family photo We shared a last meal together in the old house on the farm and took a group portrait.

Storm That night a storm blew through the area, pelting us with hail...

Yard Machinery The next morning dawned bright and sunny, and we were ready for the sale with everything spread in neat rows around the farm.

parking yard People came from far and wide (and Mexico!) to bid on stuff at the sale.

Chris Ivan At 11 am sharp, the sale started with the tools on the flatbed. I asked Ivan to demonstrate how he stabbed himself in the arm with the weed hook in his left hand, but he declined.

Later they sold some household items, and finally they sold dad's tractor.

Bye! After a long and hot day, we bid mom and dad goodbye as they head for their house in town. Enjoy your retirement years in your summer cottage, mom and dad!
August 2000