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Marc Becker, The FBI in Latin America (Durham: Duke University Press, 2017; also available on

Marc Becker, “Indigenous movements in the eye of the hurricane,” Rethinking Revolution: New Histories of the Latin American Left, edited by Kevin A. Young (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

Marc Becker, “The Bogotazo in Ecuador,” The Latin Americanist (forthcoming).

Marc Becker, “General Alberto Enríquez Gallo: Soldier, Populist, Leftist,” Journal of Latin American Studies (forthcoming).

Marc Becker, “The FBI's Role in Expelling Germans From Ecuador During the 1940s,” Bulletin of Latin American Research (forthcoming).

Marc Becker, “Ecuador’s Early No-Foreign Military Bases Movement,” Diplomatic History 41, no. 3 (June 2017): 518-42.

Marc Becker, “La Gloriosa bajo la mirada imperial del gobierno de los Estados Unidos,” in La Gloriosa ¿revolución que no fue?, edited by Santiago Cabrera Hanna (Quito: Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar; Corporación Editora Nacional, 2016), 153-69.

Marc Becker, "Ecuador’s First Female Congressional Deputy," The Monitor (Truman State University) (February 2016): 21-22.

Marc Becker, “El Partido Comunista Ecuatoriano bajo la vista del FBI,” R, Revista para un debate político socialista 13 (October 2014): 53-60.

Watch an interview of me talking about this research: "The FBI in Ecuador in the 1940s," Interviews from Quito, Telesur, July 31, 2015.

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