Family Album -- Take Two

Marc's Family Album

Hello kids. Well, my first attempt at creating a family album was such a rousing success I've decided to revise it. For historical preservation purposes, I've retained the Original Family Album in its un-retouched and un-cut version, complete with all of the typos, bad graphics quality, etc. etc. The photos here aren't really any better, but hopefully since it's not 3 am as I'm writing this there will be somewhat fewer typos.

Anyway, on to the fun:

As always, let's start with a picture of me [If you�
 don't have a graphics browser...] and Cheryl [...why 	�
in the world would you bother...] as well as the mutt called Koosa. [...looking at a *photo* album?] If you are wondering why our pictures look so bad that is because they were mug shots we took to get our visas to live in Ecuador. I'm not sure what Koosa's excuse is cuz he's never been to Ecuador.

Anyway, we currently live in Otavalo, Ecuador which is known for its Saturday market. [Do you expect me to describe �
to you...] It is surrounded by volcanos, such as Taita Imbabura [ this subtext...] who is your father and Mama Cotacachi [...what you would be seeing...] who is your mother. In Ecuador, we do crazy things like riding on the tops of trains. [...if you were smart enough to �
use a graphics browser?]

So, what else is new? Mom and dad got a new minivan. [So, do you want me to tell you that these are my parents...] Wiren and Karen got a new kid named Susanna Mary on December 1, 1995. [...and my new niece...] Here is a picture of her with her big brother Sir Andrew David at home a couple days later. [...and old nephew...]

Ivan and Darla added to their family too. [ �
well as other nieces and nephews, namely...] So, in addition to Jordan [] meet Jesse (2nd grade) [...Jesse...] and Tara (1st grade) [...Tara...] and Ryan (Kindergarten). [...and Ryan...] Those grades were for the 1995-1996 school year; hopefully they all graduated.

Here is Chris and Cheri, [ well as Chris and Cheri] but there are no new additions to their family, nor are there any to Cheryl's family. [...and Cheryl's �

Let me know if you think this album was incredibly stupid! Write me at through August 1996, or at my permanent address in Kansas (

Marc Becker
Created: May 27, 1996