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Revolutionary Cuba 

CENESEXTruman State University Spring Break trip to Cuba
March 10-18, 2018

National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX) (March 14)

Created 1988, by FMC. Social consciousness, equality, family planning, growing campaigns. Different departments: int'l affairs, admin & econ, IT, research & teaching, research: women's rights, violence, adolescence & youth, trans. MA programs. 5 campaigns:
1. Responsible maternity: feb 14, mom's day, dad's day
2. Against Homophobia & transphobia (month of May)
3. Sexual health (sept), young people
4. Non-violence, not just against women
5. AIDS (Dec 1)

70 positions
Battered women?
Sexual ed. Cenesex only in country, brings comprehensive sex ed for min ed & health.
Starts 10-12 y.o., 15-16: how to use condom
Cuban women don't get married, and get divorced easily. Children out of formal relations have same right

teaching. big pix, hard to talk about indicators. evolution: 11 campaigns, against homophobia

Success: maintain campaigns. Solving problems by looking internally, mistake to copy solutions. Need to investigate, study ourselves, what are best qualities.

Mariela Castro head since 2000.
All cuban, women men, white black, skinny fat

Prostitution is not a crime, but pimping, minors, house of prostitution are. Follow up for people who are.

Popular education: how to base on group rather than just individual experiences. Not lectures & speeches, but build group knowledge. Respect different opinions.

Rita: Theory vs. practice. Sex ed starts in home at early age, and even in day care centers sexual divisions are reinforced, but this is being addressed. On ads on TV, but instead promotional campaigns. Closer to other, the more we understand them.

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