Current Topic for Native Andeans

Education is a hot topic of the day, especially for underprivileged groups in the Andes.  A main question is how can the people who already have access to university study (native or non-native) get the materials for study that they need.  For example, the educational system in Peru is plagued by problems involving material and research.  Funding has been dropped or reduced causing a total lack of support for libraries, laboratories, and research opportunities for teachers and students (Berghe 77).  Funding is reduced because universities are the scenes for many anti-government demonstrations and strikes especially in and since the 1960ís (Berghe 77).  Primary school education may not be better necessarily, but it is accessible to everyone.  In recent years the government has made successful efforts to extend primary education (Berghe 79).

Transportation is also an important current topic because roads are the main way of transporting goods in Cuzco and the surrounding areas of Peru.  This is especially important because truck driving is an important way for small town-youth to earn money, especially if their education stopped at primary level (Berghe 106).  Even though competition is fierce (there are many entrepreneurs), truck driving is a way that small town people could get out and see more of their country.