Religion in the Inca Empire

      Of fundamental importance to understanding the complexities of Inca culture is an appreciation of their mythology and associated religious practices.  It is the intent of this project to illuminate the details of Incan cosomology by investigating the evidence generated by modern historical and anthropological scholarship.  This research shall offer the opportunity to examine many aspects of Incan society, given that religious beliefs form the foundation upon which other cultural characteristics are  invariably constructed.

 Overview                         Cosmology                             Rituals                                Deities                            Bibliography

       With this page, we have strived to enrich the existing web-based literature concerning religion in the Inka empire by conjoining many of the works of other scholars and by sharing our own unique perspectives in an easy to understand format.   Graphics and a largely conversational tone have been employed to provide an atmosphere that is not overwhelming to a general audience.  We hope that this information will prove valuable and intriguing to recreational scholars, students, and professionals alike. 
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