Origins of the Quichua
The Inca Empire
Spanish Colonialism
Current Movements
Ethnic Identities in Latin America

Quichua Ethno-Nationalism

           Traditionally, Quichua people have based their identity on the village level. There are many diverse communities which speak the Quechua language.  The movement of Quichua Ethno-Nationalism is about the unity of the thousands of villages which share this language.  Quichua communities have survived for centuries despite countless obstacles.  This page attempts to document the Quichua language and culture from their origins in Ancient Peru and Ecuador, through Inca and Spanish domination, to its current manifestations in the modern world. 
Photo courtesy of:  http://www.ddb.simplenet.com/quechua1.html Photo courtesy of:  http://www.ddb.simplenet.com/quechua1.html

Inti Raymmi Festival, procession and Inca on the throne (Sacsayhuaman ruins, Cusco, Peru)- ©Craig Duncan

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