Biographical Information
 While these sights do not offer much information of the Bolivian Revolution, they do offer great historical background and  information. The pages look like they are kept up well and they put Bolivia in a positive light.

Bolivian History : This is a great page if you want to get a quick overview of the country of Bolivia.  While it does not
have much on the revolution of 1952, the reader has a good idea of where the country has been for the last 500 years.

Lonely Planet Tourism : This sight is a real knockout.  It has has all kinds of information on the country.  It is a tourists perfect guide.  Not only does it have great information on the hot spots, it also gives great historical information of the country.

Sights on the Revolution
Most of these sights are pretty boring.  It does not seem like people have much time in on any of these pages.  However, they have solid  information on the revolution and the involvement of the MNR.

 Prelude to Revolution : While there is not a lot of flash, there is some important information on the build up of trouble in the years before the revolution.  The sight is part of the Canadian Forces College. This is the same information that is taught to the Canadian Military. 

Bolivia - National Security  : This page is another page that just has the meat and potatoes.  The page is from the United States Library of  Congress.  It has some interesting background links on the country. Again though, it does not seem like anyone has put a lot of time in on these pages.
 Bolivian Revolution : this page is a lot like the last page.  It is also part of the Canadian Forces College bank. It offers a quick look at the years from 1952 to 1961 and a solid summary of the changes that took place inside the government.

 Help from America : This sight is a little different from the rest.  It gives a great summation of the revolution but it focuses on the efforts of the United States.  It specifically talks about the pricey contributions the U.S. made to ensure that they would get a government in power that was not influenced by communists.
  UNDP in Bolivia :  The UNDP(United Nations Development Programme) has this sight up.  It has a lot of good statistics and a small summary of the political and military history over the last one hundred years.