Revolution   in   Guatemala
By Milton Gomez

The Guatemalan Revolution began in 1944 due to the unhappines of the people under the dictatorship of Jorge Ubico.  The revolution also came about due to civilian pressure on the government from students, the middle class, and young military officers, as well as an unhappiness with the power and control that the United States and great Britain had over Guatemala. The revolution began with the overthrowing of  Ubico and the stepping up of Juan Jose Arevalo; who was later succeeded by Jacobo Arbenz.    It was a long and bloody war which took place primarily on the countryside between the national military and scattered rebel forces.  The revolution came to a sudden collapse in June of 1954 when the president, Jacobo Arbenz, resigned from office and turned the government over to the leadership of armed forces, though the fighting did not stop for another 37 years when an agreement of peace was signed between the two opposing sides.

This is just a little history and  facts about Guatemala as a country.

"Latin American Politics" as a whole
This describes the political situation of governments in many Latin American countries
which has led to revolutions in those countries.

This is a brief abstract of a book which speaks of the Guatemalan revolution.

Student Involvement
This describes the involvement that students had in initiating the revolution, throughout the revolution, and after teh revolution up until today.

CIA Involvement
A brief summary of the CIA's involvement in the Guatemalan revolution.

United Fruit Company
A brief summary of the United States' concern with the United Fruit Company in Guatemala.

Further US Involvement in Guatemala
This explains further the interest by the US in the Guatemalan revolution, the United Fruit Company, the CIA, and the US's  threat of communism spreading in Central America.

Juan Jose Arevalo
This is a brief article which gives some facts to better know Arevalo.

"A Country in Turmoil"
This is a summary of the film: "The Silence of Neto" which is
about Guatemala and its revolution.
   Jacobo Arbenz Guzman

Finally, an End                                  End in Sight                              An Accord is Signed
These three links informs about the fighting that has continued for 37 years after the start of the revolution in Guatemala, and how it has come to an end with the signing of a peace agreement between the guerrilla forces and the Guatemalan government.