General links to topics dealing with the Mexican Revolution

General overviews of the revolution

General overview - From a class lecture. Begins around 1908 and deals with the end of Diaz's time in power until Obregon comes to power. A good relatively lengthy overview which discusses many of the "behind the scenes" dealings of the revolution in a non-textbook form. No pictures. Geared towards high school or college students.

Brief summary of the revolution - Good summary of the Mexican Revolution in a paper format. A good resource for high school or college students. Unfortunately, the background pic makes it a bit tough to read.

Very Brief History of the Mexican Revolution (1910) - Short summary of the main elements of the revolution. No pictures, a few graphics, and geared towards a younger crowd.

Brief timeline of the revolutions - Puts the main events of Mexico's revolutionary history from the early 19th century up to the early 20th century into a timeline. Not much detail, but a good reference for the most important events of the period.

Constitution of 1917 (As Amended) - The actual constitution translated into english.

Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa - Very brief biography of Villa.

Villa & The Punitive Expedition - Discusses the the events that led up to the U.S. chasing after Villa in Mexico. It gives good information on what occurred during that time.

His attack on Columbus, New Mexico - A good detailed account of Pancho Villa's attack on the U.S. town of Columbus, NM. An interesting article to look over.

Did the United States know of Villa's attack before it happened? - A very good explaination of Villa's reasons for attacking the U.S. Also states the facts that raise the question of U.S. President Wilson's knowledge of Villa's plans prior to the attack on Columbus, NM.

US involvement

US involvement in the revolution - A good article on the military and political involvement of the U.S. in the Mexican Revolution. Plenty of good info on the subject along with great pictures of Americans in Mexico. The article also goes on to talk about American citizens that were actually living in Mexico and what happened to them.

Brief overview of relations with US during revolution - Short, but a nicely organized list of each of Mexico's leaders during the revolution and their dealings with the U.S. Even though it only covers Madero, Huerta, and Carranza, the site allows for easy comparison of their involvement with the U.S. Also includes some good pictures from the period.

The USS Dolphin Incident - Gives a good detailed description of the USS Dolphin incident that happened during the time of Huerta. A very interesting narrative of this relatively unknown incident between the two neighbors.

Principle figures of the revolution

Pictures of the principle figures in the revolution - Pictures of the principle figures in the revolution along with a brief biography of each person. A good resource for general info on the men behind the revolution.

Principal figures in the revolution - Another summary of the men behind the revolution. This one doesn't have any pictures, but does have longer paragraphs describing the participants.

Biography of Francisco I. Madero - Relatively detailed biography of Madero.

Emiliano Zapata

Good biography of Zapata - This has very good information on Zapata. Includes detailed accounts from the period of the revolutions. It also includes some other misc works related to Zapata and a few pictures.

Short biography on Zapata - A brief overview of Zapata's life. Includes a few pictures of the man.

The Plan de Ayala: site 1 or site 2 - Both have the text from the Plan de Ayala. Liberating Plan of the sons of the State of Morelos, affiliated with the Insurgent Army which defends the fulfillment of the Plan of San Luis, with the reforms which it has believed proper to add in benefit of the Mexican Fatherland.

Women in the revolution

Women's Involvement - A good resource that includes a relatively large amount of information on women and the revolution. Very well put together and even includes a great picture of a woman that was involved in the fighting.

Short review of women in the revolution - Very brief overview of the women involved with the revolution. Not much information for someone interested in the subject.

Politics from the end of the revolution to the present

Mexican politics in the 20th Century - Analysis of political life in Mexico after the revolution and the role of the PRI (the ruling party).

Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) - The name was changed from PRM to PRI in 1946. This site is dedicated to the current form of the party. Entirely in Spanish of course!