This will be a web page that details the Nicaraguan Revolution in a few different areas such as chronology, the Sandinista Party, the Somoza reign, and the elections held between Ortega and Aleman.

1. The first page that I will link to is a page that gives a very short chronology of Nicaragua from the early part of the twentieth century.  To go to this page click here.  Since I am a moron when it comes to computers you must click on the right hand button and open the page through the link in the composer.

2. The second page is a bias description of the Sandinistas and the U.S. intervention in Nicaragua.  This page repudiates the U.S. involvement in Nicaragua and gives figures on the death tolls and injuries that the revolution left in its wake.  This page states that sickness, crime, and drug abuse rose after the Sandinistas lost power in 1990.  It also gives figures on the dramatic rise of unemployment since the Sandinista party was thwarted by their own desire to be electorally democratic.  To view this page click Guns N' Roses.

3. This page provides intriguing looks at two documents that played pivotal roles in the Nicaraguan revolution.  One of the documents is the go-ahead given by Ronald Reagan in the CIA's Contra war against Nicaragua.  The other document concerns Somoza's resignation.  These are only looks at very small parts of the documents, but are interesting nonetheless.  To see this page click Reagan.

4. This page is a paper written by a student from Eastern Illinois University who was going for his master's degree.  This paper gives a history of Nicaragua and devotes an entire section to Sandino and Somoza.  It details the reason for the decline of the Somoza dynasty and also the FSLN party.  It also gives some insight into the U.S. role in Nicaragua.  To view this page click Bugsy.

5. This page is an article that predates the last elections in Nicaragua.  It discusses how the Nicaraguan public began to turn away from the Sandinista party in favor of the right-wing candidate Arnoldo Aleman.  It alludes to the corruption of Chamorro's government and how it brought on political cynicism.  The article also talks about the Sandinista party split and its effect upon their attempt to regain the presidency.  To see this page click on Sherlock.

6. This page is a letter written to Augusto Sandino from a General Celador.  The letter doesn't say much in terms of statistics or predicaments, but it is nevertheless interesting because it is an actual document from Sandino's time.  The letter basically denies Sandino's r

7. This page discusses the land disputes that the Aleman administration has to take on.  Aleman's policy on land redistribution is that the land be returned to its pre-revolution owners.  This page gives figures on the amount of land that Somoza owned and also on the nationalization of this land by the Sandinistas after the revolution.  To see this page click Slash.source: