The Peruvian Revolution

General Information on Peru

 Facts about Peru This page provides a brief overview of Peru, providing statistics concerning population and economy, and has links to history, government and a map of the nation.

 History of Peru This site provides a more detailed history of Peru from the Inca empire until the presidency of Alberto Fujimori.  It also contains some more information about the economy and politics of Peru, as well as a description of the mining industry in Peru.

Important Historical Figures

 Jose Carlos Mariategui This contains a brief description of Mariategui's political philosophy.

 Abimael Guzman  This site is a pro Guzman page, calling for his release from prison.  Check this out to read the famous speech he delivered from his cage.  This is a pretty good site, but it is definitely very biased.

 More About Guzman To provide a different view of Guzman, this is an anti Guzman site which illustrates the damage that has been done to Peru through his work with the Shining Path.  This site is commending the capture of Guzman.

 Alberto Fujimori  A very brief description about President Fujimori, containing only general information, and no real insight.

Political/Revolutionary Parties

 Overview of Political Parties This is a good page for getting an idea of how many political parties there are in Peru and what each party stands for.

 Military Government  These are lecture notes about the 1968 takeover by the military government.  We included this site because it contains information about the goals and policies of the Military government.  Not the best site in the world, but it does have some good information in it.

Shining Path Sites:

 Shining Path Guerrillas This is a pro Shining Path site, but has a lot of good information about the revolution from their point of view.  This site has a lot pictures  and information, and is neatly organized. Check it out to get an idea of the on-going political tension in Peru.

 Pro Shining Path This is another pro Shining Path page, written by and for the guerrillas.  This site contains a wealth of information about Peru and the Shining path.  Check out the FAQ on this site.  It has a lot of good information.

 Shining Path and the church This site is interesting because it explains the relationship between the Shining Path and the Catholic church, and about the Church's involvement in the revolution.  This site also seems to be pro Shining path.

 Sendero This site is a good non bias site about the Shining Path.  Click on "Introduction" for an good overview, and "Internet Resources" to get links to other sites relating to Sendero Luminoso.

 Anti Shining Path This is a good site because it gives the other side of the story. It refers to the Shining Path as a "terrorist group," and is definitely anti Shining Path.  Check out the personal stories for individual accounts of terrorist acts by the Shining Path.


 MRTA information  This page is pro MRTA, rallying for support of their cause. It provides a description of the general history of the party, and has a lot of good links of its history, goals, and news information.

U.S. Imperialism

U.S. Lies   From Australia, tells why these people supports the revolutionary cause.  Also, reveals lies that U.S. tells about the PCP to make unlegitimate the revolutionary movement.

 U.S. Intervention in Peru This site is about the depth of U.S. involvement in Peru, from helping to defeat the revolutionary army to Fujimori's presidency.  It provides information about U.S. intervention in Peru from the point of view of the PCP.

Peru Today:  An On-Going Struggle
 Hostages in Lima This site is an article from The Herald that sums up the hostage situation and the release of the hostages.  It is an informative and comprehensible site.

 Hostage situation before it was resolved This site gives a look at the hostage situation in Peru before all of the hostages were released as well as a brief look at the background information and reasons for the situation.

 Review of the Hostage Situation in Lima This site provides a diverse look at the hostage situation and criticizes Fujimori's actions.  This site is not too long and provides a comprehensive analysis of the situation.

 The Repercussions of the Ambassador Attack In this site the reactions and repercussions of the ambassador attack are discussed.  This is a fairly detailed and useful site that is not too long.

 Human Rights The problems with the abuses of human rights in Peru are addressed in this site as well as links to other current issues such as politics, poverty, health, and drugs.  This site is very detailed but also very lengthy.