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Global Issues Colloquium (IDSM 400)

Spring 2018
Office: MC 227
Office Hours: typically MWF 12:30-11:15 & MW 2:30-5:00

Marc Becker, facilitator
Phone: x6036

In this course students prepare for, attend, and reflect on Global Issues Colloquium topics. The colloquium topics vary from semester to semester, and are listed at Students will read assigned texts before each colloquium, craft questions for presenters, and write short reflections after each colloquium. The course is pass/fail and may be repeated for up to three credits. This course counts toward the 63-hour Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) graduation requirement.

Course Outcomes
You will:

  1. Practice being a critical reader, listener, and thinker, aware of global issues and the sort of investigation required to understand them.
  2. Strengthen your ability to formulate informed questions and to appreciate and evaluate responses to them.
  3. Become more aware of your own culturally constructed biases.
  4. Join a local community that recognizes a responsibility to think globally.

Course Texts
            No books are required though each colloquium will require advance reading of essays posted to Blackboard.

Course Policies
            Preparation: Read the three essays (posted to Blackboard) in preparation before each colloquium. Type and print out at least four thoughtful questions for each presenter, bring them to the colloquium, use them as best you can, and turn them in to me at the end of the colloquium. (If you have personal experiences with an issue, those can be the source of especially rich discussions.)
            Follow-up: By the following Monday, email me a one or two page reflection on each of the colloquiums, focusing on the issues discussed, and evaluating the sorts of evidence presented in support of positions and counter-positions. The essays must incorporate the assigned readings and show evidence of understanding their arguments.
            Attendance: Attend all of the colloquiums. If you must miss one of the colloquiums we will find an alternative event for you to attend. The colloquiums are typically scheduled for 7-9pm, and you must stay for the entire session.
            Grading: This course is credit/no credit. Not attending all of the colloquiums means you do not receive credit. Moreover, you must ask at least one question during two of the colloquiums.
            Academic Integrity: Do your own reading; come up with your own questions; write your own responses. Stay in charge of your own thinking and be the sort of citizen this globe needs. Earn this credit.
            ADA Policy: If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation, let me know and notify the Disability Services Office (x448) as soon as possible.

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