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Marc Becker, The FBI in Latin America (Durham: Duke University Press, 2017; also available on

Marc Becker, “Indigenous Movements in the Eye of the Hurricane,” in Making the Revolution: Histories of the Latin American left, edited by Kevin A. Young (Cambridge ; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2019), 77-104.

Marc Becker, “The FBI's Role in Expelling Germans From Ecuador During the 1940s,” Bulletin of Latin American Research 37, no. 3 (July 2018): 306-20.

Marc Becker, “The Bogotazo in Ecuador,” The Latin Americanist 62, no. 2 (June 2018): 160-185.

Marc Becker, “General Alberto Enríquez Gallo: Soldier, Populist, Leftist,” Journal of Latin American Studies 50, no 2 (May 2018): 323-53.

Marc Becker, “Ecuador’s Early No-Foreign Military Bases Movement,” Diplomatic History 41, no. 3 (June 2017): 518-42. Article reviewed on H-Diplo by Ronn Pineo, April 25, 2018.

Marc Becker, “La Gloriosa bajo la mirada imperial del gobierno de los Estados Unidos,” in La Gloriosa ¿revolución que no fue?, edited by Santiago Cabrera Hanna (Quito: Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar; Corporación Editora Nacional, 2016), 153-69.

Marc Becker, "Ecuador’s First Female Congressional Deputy," The Monitor (Truman State University) (February 2016): 21-22.

Marc Becker, “El Partido Comunista Ecuatoriano bajo la vista del FBI,” R, Revista para un debate político socialista 13 (October 2014): 53-60.

Watch an interview of me talking about this research: "The FBI in Ecuador in the 1940s," Interviews from Quito, Telesur, July 31, 2015.

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