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U.S. International Electoral Observation Delegation 
Delegación Internacional de Observadores Electorales Norte Américana Benjamin Linder

Ben LinderCheryl and I traveled to Nicaragua to observe the November 4, 2001 presidential elections. We were part of the U.S. International Electoral Observation Delegation "Ben Linder" which Tecnica organized. To find out more about Ben Linder, click on the picture on the right.

This is our report on our experiences during the elections. Matagalpa Delegation Report is a detailed report on what we observed on election day. Also available is a photo gallery of our delegation.

CSEJeb Bush took out an ad in La Prensa on Monday, October 29, 2001, stating that George W. Bush supported conservative candidate Enrique Bolaños. Read the text of the ad here.

Democracia y terrorismo is an article on the elections we wrote for the Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua (WCCN), November 8, 2001.

Elections, Nicaraguan Style was written for The Monitor, an alternative student newspaper at Truman State University, November 13, 2001.

Insatiable curiosity leads professor to Nicaragua, by Katrina Reschly (New Media Index, Truman State University, December 6, 2001)

The Nicaraguan Elections: U.S. Government Promotes Fear and Divisiveness to Ensure Right-wing Victory, by Paul Baizerman, director of Tecnica and leader of our delegation, November 2001.

Strengthening Democracy Or Illusion? An Observer's Notes From the Nicaraguan Elections of 2001, by Jon Cloke, Managua, 11/13/01.

Bin Laden fue Contra; allegations in the Nicaragua newspaper El Nuevo Diario that the CIA used Osama bin Ladin in the 1980s to fund the contras which carried out terrorist attacks against the Nicaraguan people (September 13, 2001).

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