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SabbaticalI've always found international travel to be a very fullfilling and rewarding experience. Here is a list of some of the more interesting and significant trips I've made, along with some trip reports. For the most part, this list does not include research trips (which are listed under Fellowships and awards) and various general tourist travels. This list is rather incomplete; see my reports page for more experiences.

2006-2007: Sabbatical.
Reflections on my sabbatical experiences, including a trip to Patagonia.

2001: Nicaraguan Elections Observer Delegation (November 2001).
I was part of a Tecnica delegation to observe the November 4, 2001 presidential elections in Nicaragua.

2000: Third Anniversary Acteal Commemoration (December 2000).
Commemoration of a massacre of 45 people in Chiapas, Mexico on December 22, 1997.

1998: Participant on a Chiapas School Construction Teams delegation to Chiapas, Mexico.
We helped build a secondary school for Maya Indians, among other things.

1996: Summer Field Seminar in Ecuadorian Quichua Culture and Language, Otavalo, Ecuador.
Five-week field seminar which included cultural instruction on highland Andean peoples and instruction in the Ecuadorian Quichua language, organized by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

1995: Participant on Global Exchange delegation to Nicaragua and Cuba.
Two-week delegation examined revolutionary changes in Nicaragua and Cuba.

1994: Ecuadorian Amazon.
A trip to visit the Huaorani in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

1993: Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Eight-week Cornell University Summer intensive language program in Advanced Quechua.

1993: Delegation Coordinator and Leader: Witness for Peace, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
Coordinated and led a two–week Kansas Student Delegation to El Salvador and Nicaragua.

1990: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador.
Six-week Oregon State University Summer program with course work in Latin American History and Advanced Spanish Composition.

1989: Work Camp Participant: American Friends Service Committee, Santa Clara, Cuba.
Summer Work Camp participant in Cuba. Worked with Cubans in the fields and carried out historical research in both municipal and national libraries.

1985: Proyecto Lingüística "Maya," Antigua, Guatemala.
Eight–week intensive Spanish language course.

1985-1986: Witness for Peace, Nicaragua.
Long-term volunteer in the province of Jinotega organizing delegations, documenting contra human rights abuses, and standing in solidarity with the people.

1982-1983: Intermenno Trainee Program, The Netherlands.
Worked on a dairy farm in Friesland and in a church in Amsterdam as part of a cultural exchange program.

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