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Latin American Studies

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Internet assignment

Revolutions in Latin America

Gettysburg College, Fall 1998

You will be required to create an annotated web page of Internet sites related to revolutionary changes in one of the seven countries we will discuss in this class. The web page should include a brief historical introduction to the situation in that country. This project is a chance for you to let your creative juices flow. You will be rewarded for any new Internet material you create in the process of this assignment (such as scanning primary-source documents), but you will be penalized for any criminal acts involving the breaking of copyright laws. Depending on the number of students enrolled in this class, this may be a team project for some of you. I will provide technical advice to those who need help with HTML. You are to provide the HTML files to me on diskette and I will post them to the class web site. This assignment is due at the time that we discuss that particular country in class. This is worth 10% of your course grade.

Here are the web pages: